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SeaSport kuljettaa geokätköilyn megatapahtuman osallistujia Helsingin edustan saarikätköille 25-27.8.2023

Geogaching-reitit 2023-2024

SeaSport will transport the participants of the geocaching mega event to the island caches off Helsinki on August 25-27, 2023.

During the UrbanHEL Mega event weekend, SeaSport Oy boats drives to the geocache islands off Helsinki and Espoo. You will experience both the beauty of the archipelago and the excitement of geocaching on one and the same trip. Seasport acts only as a professional driver on the trip, finding the caches is up to you.


One tour can accommodate 10 people. The open boat has a bow ramp, making it easy to get on and off with dry feet.

Excursions can be booked at the bottom of the page. The excursion takes place if at least six people have signed up for the excursion. NOTE! We add departures as needed, so it's worth signing up for the waiting area even if the excursion you want is full.

Movement in the archipelago depends on the weather. If the wind is over 12 m/s, there is thunder or there is fog, the trip will be canceled for safety reasons. Please dress appropriately for the weather: it's always cooler on the water and we also ride in the rain.

The payment is made after the weather situation is confirmed, no later than 48 hours before the trip. You will receive payment instructions by email. If the payment is not made by the deadline, your place will be released to those on the waiting list.

Boat trip 1: Eastern Helsinki


The trip includes 9 caches, of which 4 are traditional and 5 are challenge caches. Note! Two caches have a tool attribute. Departure and return to Aurinkoranta pier (Aurinkoranta 10, Helsinki). Duration about 3 hours.



GC4RB7B Huomenlahja – Morning gift

GC3RY2R Kalliosaari

GC3RT2A Ehta saarihaaste!

GC9BKQX Hiio-hoi! 6x3 cocktail – Challenge

GC9T1F0 Venekätköilyä Uudellamaalla: Gold Challenge

GC8WVJ2 Itäinen Villaluoto (HUOM, tämä on hyllyllä nyt)

GC9R2XH Venekätköilyä Uudellamaalla: Silver Challenge

GC2PR2C Sympaatti 2 :)

GC98CRY Vesipedon matkahaaste – Challenge


Excursion price: €35.00 / person

Boat trip 2: Western Helsinki and Espoo


The trip includes 11 caches, of which 5 trads, 5 challenge caches and 1 mystery (for which you get coordinates from two trads) Note! Some of the caches require a tool or climbing equipment, check the attributes beforehand. In Korkeasaari, the boat stops for about 1 hour. Departure and return from Lauttasaari marina (Meripuistotie 1, Helsinki). Duration about 3.5 hours.



GC1W9T0 Saariretki: Märis

GC2D9JQ Saariretki: Läntinen Käärmeluoto

GC1W9R4 Saariretki: Pohjoinen Käärmeluoto

GC4N6XF Viisi maata vuorokaudessa - tai 10/10/10 - haaste

GC7KC3Q 11-11 Challenge - Platinum

GC7FX9X Attribuuttimatriisi -Challenge

GC7KC3X Superman 75*T5 & 31*D5 & (1👌|5🧗|25🛥️) Challenge

GC9AZ75 Tosimatkaajan haaste 🌍 True traveller challenge

GC5E254 Småholm

GC5E24F Tvijälp2

GC5E26Y Termiittitoteemi


Excursion price: €50 / person



WhatsApp Image 2023-08-31 at 09.47.54.jpeg

Geocaching itäinen Helsinki

SeaSport will transport you to the geocaching mega event island caches off east Helsinki.
SeaSport will transport you to the geocaching mega event island caches off Espoo.


SeaSport kuljettaa geokätköilyn megatapahtuman osallistujia Helsingin edustan saarikätköille 25-27.8.2023
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