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Planing to spend your vacation in Pellinki

Rent our fisherman's cottage-style apartment and tune into the relaxed mood of the archipelago.

Pellingin saaristoilma puhaltaa vapautta kesäpäiviisi. Vuokraa kalastajamökki-henkinen asuntomme ja virittäydy saaristolaisen rentoon mielenmaisemaan

Chill, relaxing Pellinki

The island air of Pellinki breathes freedom into your summer days. Here you can vacay in peace without any worries. The accommodation is located on the island of Öland, a short distance with ferry from the mainland. You can get to the cottage by car, so just relax and enjoy

There is plenty to experience in Pellinki

By the sea, you can enjoy the waves crashing on the rocks and nature as a whole. You can swim, fish, go on excursions and get to know the way of life in Pellinki.

There are small cottage villages and forested camping grounds in Pellinki. The most famous attractions include the Glosholm lighthouse ruins, Klovharun's iconic summer cottage of Tove Jansson, Benitas Café and summer market place, and the idyllic village shop, Söderby-Boden.

You can explore various attractions by boat or even by bike. For example, trips to Äggskär and Norra Sandö work well as day trips, as both islands are located a short boat ride away.

Pellingissä riittää koettavaa. Tutustu SeaSportin palveluihin ja koe unohtumattoman loman.
Tunnelmallinen majoitus Pellingissä. Haluatko varata majoituksen?Soita niin varataan asunto sinulle!

A cozy accommodation

Our small accommodation is located on the eastern tip of Havsudden, about 6 km from the ferry. The
apartment is located on a beach plot, in our own backyard. Children and animals, such as dogs and cats, also move around in the yard. You can see the sea from the window.

The apartment has been renovated from a wooden shelter to its current, fisherman-inspired shape. There is enough coziness from floor to ceiling.

Downstairs there is a small hang out corner. The kitchenette has a fridge, micro, water boiler, coffee maker and tableware.
You climb the ladder to the loft, where you can find two beds and, if needed, two mattresses as extra beds.

The apartment is compact, cozy and unique.

Lomalle Pellinkiin! Vuokraa tunnelmallista majoitusta meiltä!Soita tai kysy lisää 0445681283

Accommodation includes

Running water, electricity, gas grill, refrigerator, TV, indoor composting toilet and shower (exit from the outside), even possibility
to shower in the outdoor sauna on the pier.

The price is 99 eur per weekday and 120 eur per weekend day.

The price includes sheets and towels delivered for the reserved number of people, gas for the grill and final
Paid additional services:
Washing machine, wood-heated beach sauna, hot tub, jetski safari, boat trips

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Lomalle Pellinkiin! Vuokraa tunnelmallista majoitusta meiltä!Soita tai kysy lisää 0445681283

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